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April 29, 2013
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As the bell rang symbolising the end of class you smiled. You were happy that class had finally come to an end. You didn't like group work for one very simple and obvious. This reason was that you were mute. You had never spoken a word in you life. You didn't know why but you just didn't speak. You were perfectly okay with it most of the time, you had learn to live without talking. Though you had been bullied a little due to it, though you were happier after you had learn't to write, then at least you could communicate. You packed away your books and whiteboard into your bag and set off to the library. You had a mission today. You had been thinking about it all week. Well maybe a lot longer than that, but you would only admit to one week. It had all started when you transferred into Ouran a few months ago.

“And this is Miss ______ ______. She will be joining your class.” A member of staff introduced you to your class reps. You nodded sheepishly. The two students standing before you seemed very different. The girl who much later became your best friend ______, was smiling to you.

“Welcome ______. I hope we can make you feel welcome here.” She smiled. You smiled blushing slightly and nodded. The guy who had come to meet you was rather intimidating. He was quite tall with short black hair. He had cold eyes and glasses. He offered out a hand, smiling softly. Your eyes meeting in his.

“Hello Miss ______. My name is Kyoya Ootori. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance.”

And that was it. Since that day you have been keeping your distance from him. You did so for many reasons. One was that he was very attractive. You couldn't go out with him, he was way out of your league. Another was you were a shy and nervous girl who didn't speak. Despite the odd flirts you got from some of the guys, you weren't anyone to fuss over. You were doing okay in your studies but had no plans of greatness. Today though you were going to take a big step. You had fancied Kyoya from afar for long enough and you were ready to take your shot. Your best friend ______ had suggested to go to visit the Host Club that ran everyday. You could of gone and requested him as a host, but if you did that then you'd have to share him with all the other girls that were there. Not to mention you wouldn't be able to talk to or write to him because conversations move faster than you could write. You were also worried about what he'd make of you. Taking in a breath you assured yourself you would be fine. You walked into the library and found a desk a small distance away from the main bulk. Sitting down you got out a small patterned envelope and matching paper. You pulled out a pen from your bag along with your notebook. You had decided to write a letter to Kyoya. Not a long soppy one like some girls. A serious note. One explaining your feelings in a sensible manner and giving your email address. Most girls would put a phone number. You could text him, but email sounded better also you didn't run the risk of him calling you. You took a breath and looked over your notebook with the practice letter written down. You slowly and carefully wrote:

'Dear Kyoya Ootori,

I know this may seem strange and out of the blue. But I would love to meet and talk with you. Reasons I cannot do this openly will soon become clear. I do hope and wish to hear from you soon. I don't use my phone so below is my email address. Even if you are not interested in meeting up, could you please reply with that message. Thank You.

From Miss ______ .'

As you scribbled your email address down you smiled looking back over the letter. You hoped he didn't just sigh and put it to the side with so many other girls notes he no doubtably had gotten. Well you would never know unless you try. Smiling you neatly folded the paper and sealed it in an envelope. Now the next question was how to get it to him. You didn't want to leave it in a desk. You didn't want to accidentally put it in the wrong one and have another student emailing you. You wanted to hand deliver it but you were too nervous too. As you packed up you decided you'll work out how to give it to him on your way. Putting your bag over your shoulder you headed off to the Host Club.

You stood outside the doors. Looking up at the nervously. You were trembling unsure whether you could go through with this or not. In your head a voice told you you'd be fine. Then again a sneering voice told you you would fail. Ignoring the sneering voice you put one hand on the door. You gently pushed it open. Peeking inside you saw the club was running in full swing. Everyone was smiling and chatting away. Girls were squealing as the guys were doing what came naturally. You slowly stepped into the room trying to be as inconspicuous as you can. Though it wasn't long until you were spotted.

“Good afternoon Miss ______.” Kyoya's cool voice greeted you. You jumped spinning round to come face to face with your crush. “Can I help you with anything?” You wanted to give him the envelope and run, but that would be too weird. You looked around the room, looking for something to point to. You nodded quickly as you pointed over to Tamaki. Kyoya forced a smile as he looked over to the blond. “Would you like a group or private meeting?” You held up two figures meaning the second option. Kyoya nodded and looked to his notebook. You often wondered what he had written in there. Though you would probably never know. “I can slot you in next if you want. Though it will only be a short meeting. Will 15 minuets be okay with you?” You nodded nervously. There was a reason behind your choice, but you didn't want to say... not that you could. As a bell rang the hosts swapped guests. You belied towards Tamaki and sat down opposite him. You were so determined to get there you didn't see the spiteful look Kyoya gave the blond. He watched you pull out your white board and pen. One thought racing through Kyoya's mind. 'What does she see in him?'

“It's so nice to see you Miss______.” Tamaki smiled to you. You smiled back scribbeling away.

'It's nice to see you too.' You nodded.

“Would you like some tea?” He smiled gesturing to the teapot. You nodded in reply as you rubbed out the first message and started to scribble again. You felt at ease with Tamaki. He had also been in your class from day one, though he was a lot less intimidating than Kyoya. You saw Tamaki like an older brother. He very much treated you like a younger sister. That was the way you liked it. “There you go, all fresh.” Tamaki smiled as he handed you the cup of tea. You smiled and handed over the white board with it's message. You drunk your tea nervously as he read it. You hoped he wasn't going to go over the top about it. He smiled gently to you handing back the board. He nodded to you. You beamed brightly.

'Thank You.' You scribbled quickly as you handed over the small patterned envelope.

“Anything to help out a friend.” He smiled.

You waited anxiously looking at your computer screen. You wondered if Tamaki had passed on the note in time. You hoped he hadn't forgotten. If he had done... you couldn't really be mad at him. You sighed as you turned back to your homework. No news, he must of just... Your computer dinged. Your eyes snapped to the screen reading one new message. You quickly opened the email and read:

Dear Miss ______

I'm emailing in regard to your note I received today after club. It was very unexpected. I am flattered that you would go through all the trouble to write it by hand on beautiful paper and get Tamaki to hand deliver it. It shows you put great thought into the gesture. I would love to meet you to chat. I propose I pick you up just after 6pm and we can go out for dinner. My treat. Please email back with your answer.

From Kyoya Ootori.'

You couldn't help but inwardly cheer. You jumped for joy. You had never expected that sort of a response and so quickly. You were being taken out to dinner with Kyoya Ootori! It suddenly hit you. You were going out with Kyoya Ootori. You scolded yourself. It was just a friendly dinner and chat. Nothing like that ...yet. You could only hope. In a mad dash you ran around to get yourself ready. You had to have a showed and sort out your hair. Work out what you were going to wear. But first you quickly typed up a reply to his email and hit send.

The door rang at 6pm sharp. You nearly jumped out of your skin when you heard it. You had been anticipating it for so long. Now it was finally here. You had found your smart bust casual ______ (f/c) dress and black tights. You had tamed your normally unruly hair and you were ready for anything. You walked calmly to the door and opened it slowly. The sight before you was breathtaking. Kyoya smiled warmly to you. He was leaning to one side in a sharp and smart black suit. His glasses catching the last rays of sunlight. You couldn't help but blush.

“Miss ______. You look beautiful.” He said smoothly. You almost couldn't contain yourself. Blushing even more you threw your arms around him and hugged him. You didn't care if this was fast because you couldn't tell him what you were thinking at the moment. Kyoya was surprised by your actions. He was also flattered by them. He could remember very few people who had ever hugged him. The last person to do so was Tamaki... but he doesn't count. He slowly wrapped his arms around you and hugged you gently. After a moment you pulled back and he lead you to the limo parked outside your house. You smiled clutching hold of your bag. Kyoya opened the door for you. You smiled and climbed in, scooting over to the other side. You couldn't believe what was going on. Kyoya climbed in after you and the driver set off. Kyoya looked to you and smiled. “I've bought you a present. I hope you don't mind.” He leant forwards and produced a present wrapped up in similar style paper than those you used for the letter. You blushed taking it from him. Opening it up your eyes widened. He had bought you the latest tablet. You looked up to him your eyes wide and questioning. He smiled to you. “I want to get to know you better. I find you a very attractive and determined young lady. I would hate for you to be scribbling away on that whiteboard all the time. I thought this might help.” You beamed to him, flicking the tablet on. A welcome message popped up greeting you that made you smile. You tapped on the icon that looked like a pen and paper. Kyoya watched you smiling softly as you waited for it to load. The page opened and someone had already written a message. Your cheeks went red as you read the typed words. Looking over to Kyoya in amazement. You quickly opened a new page and typed.

Request done for :iconxxshadowfan2xx:

Well I hope everyone can work out the message he gave you! You agreed to go out with him and you had a wonderful dinner. You can all imagine the rest!

I haven't written any Ouran characters in over a year so it's nice to start back with one I know so well. I am really happy it came out the way it did. I hope you guys liked reading it!

Fav and Comment if you liked it and check out my gallery for other stories!
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