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Francis' blue eyes snapped open. He started up at the ceiling, confused as he didn't recognise it. He ran a hand through his hair, rubbing his eyes. Looking around he tried to gage where he was, his memory of the previous night were all fuzzy and he couldn't remember much. He tried to sit up but felt something catch around his other wrist. Looking down his eyes widened in horror as he found himself cuffed to the bedpost. The event's of the night prior flashed through his mind. The meal that he had made, the conversation he had. When he revealed himself to you, his heart racing as you revealed the truth about yourself. Those black torn wings, the red glint in your eyes and those sharp fangs. He felt his heart break again as he remember the last drink of wine and being pushed down onto your bed. After that lust had clouded his mind. He had no memory of what happened next. Francis let out a cry in shame that he had been caught so easily. He was not worth anything now. He had been spoilt. That was why he was chained here now. Waiting for your return, waiting to serve you again, to bend to your every whim. He felt some tears form as he was for once truly scared. What was he to do now? He could never face Matthieu again, no doubt you would already of gone to find him to spoil his life as well. Francis didn't know what to do. Looking around he knew he had to save Matthieu. He could let Matthieu suffer because of his mistake. He looked around the room for something to help him get free. His eyes settled on a small pair of keys that look like they would undo the cuffs. She probably put them there to taunt him. Despite of any reason he shuffled over and... reached them easily. He looked slightly confused as he uncuffed himself. This wasn't normal behaviour. But then again... he quickly remembered your face as you broke down in tears, begging and pleading with him, but he didn't listen.

'It's not like that...I care for...' Your sentence was left unfinished. Was it truly too late? Francis stood up and brushed himself down, he was about to check his reflection. If he had been taken by her, his wings would be stained with red blood for his sins. Never to be clean again. He looked to the mirror, his heart trembling of what he would see. He took some very slowly steppes towards it praying that he was still pure and for forgiveness for his sin. Just before he could look into the mirror he heard crying, Matthieu crying. He had been with the child so long some may say he had established a weak connection with him, so he could tell when the boy was in trouble. He heard his cries loud and clear. He was not going to let him suffer in all of this.

"Matthieu I am coming." Francis said as he sprinted out of the flat and towards the children's home.

"Please tell me you don't have to go." Matthieu sobbed and he clung around your neck. You were crying as well. Tears rolling down your cheeks as you held Matthieu in one final embrace.

"I'm afraid I have to." You said in a strong tone. "I need to move away from here."

"Why? Why do you have to go?" Matthieu cried harder, his tears dampening your shoulder. You knew it wouldn't be easy. You hated to even hurt Matthieu's feelings. But after what had happened last night. You knew you were pushing your luck staying here. You loved Francis with all your heart, you also cared for Matthieu like a son. But for them to live in peace. You had to go.

"Sometimes..." You said softly running a hand through Matthieu's hair. "People need to move away. To make a new start."

"But why?" He sobbed. "What's wrong with me?" You felt a pain in your heart that Matthieu blamed himself for this. You leaned back and looked Matthieu in the eyes.

"Matthieu. I'm going to say something I want you to remember for the rest of your life." You said calmly. Matthieu nodded slowly looking back at you. "You are the most special child I have ever met. You are more perfect than any child I deserve. You will always be loved by me, even when I'm not here. You're special Matthieu. Don't ever forget that." You told him. As you spoke your strong tone started to crack. Tears were starting to escape and run down your cheeks. You wished you had never come here. Life would have been so much simpler if you had just stayed at home. But at the same time... you wouldn't trade this for anything in the whole world throughout all eternity. Matthieu listened to your words and nodded. He shuffled up to wipe away your tears.

"Don't cry. You don't look as pretty when you cry." Matthieu said sweetly as his hand brushed against your cheek. You smiled to him as you slowly put him down, his eyes never leaving yours.

"I'll try not to cry anymore." You smiled to him, kissing his forehead. "Goodbye Matthieu."

"Bye ______." He said, trying his hardest not to cry. You smiled as you started to turn away to walk out via the gardens. As the door closed behind you, Francis ran through the main entrance.

"Matthieu!" Francis shouted as he dropped to his knees, wrapping his arms around the small boy. Matthieu wrapped his arms around Francis, a fresh wave of tears escaping his eyes.

"She's gone. Why did she have to go?" He cried out. Francis paused for a moment confused.

"Who's gone Matthieu?" He asked.

"______! ______'s gone!" He cried harder. Francis could sense she was near by. Now recognising her aura.

"Did she say why?" Francis asked hurriedly. Matthieu nodded, sniffing.

"She said she had to move, to make a new start." He sobbed. Francis understood everything. He couldn't let you go, not now, not after everything.

"Which way did she go?" Francis asked. Matthieu slowly raised a finger to point to the door leading to the garden. Francis quickly looked to Matthieu, holding him close.

"I'll be away for only a few moments. Then I'll be back. I promise." Francis said. Matthieu nodded, picking up his polar bear. Francis sat him down in one seat. "See you in a minuet." He smiled softly.

"Okay." Matthieu nodded as he watched Francis run out through the door.

"Well... looks like everything is done now." You told yourself looking at your reflection in the fountain. The garden was more like a maze with really tall hedges. No one would find you here. It was the perfect place to return home. All you needed to do was make a circle of demon blood on the ground, then you would be home. You picked up your blade, bringing it to your wrist. As you felt the cold blade against your skin. You were just about to cut the skin, a voice stopped you.

"______!" Francis' voice shouted through the silence. You looked around confused.

"Francis?" You asked quietly. You could hear his footsteps running around you. "Francis!" You shouted out.

"I'm sorry! I'm so sorry!" Francis cried out. He couldn't believe he had been so stupid.

"I'm sorry too. But I'm not worth it." You shouted turning back with the blade.

"Please don't leave! Please I love you!" Francis cried out again. "Don't leave me!"

"I must!" You shouted back. "I'm a demon in heat. All I want is for you to sleep with me! I can't stay!"

"What do you mean all I want?" Francis asked in a dangerous tone.

"Last night I couldn't do it!" You shouted. "I couldn't take you to be mine. You are still innocent and unspoilt!" Francis felt a wave of relief. He was still an angel. That relief turned into determination as he ran around yet another corner. Desperately trying to find you.

"But I can't imagine my life without you!" He cried out. You brought the blade back against your arm.

"Neither I without you. I love you!" You shouted as you slashed your arm, your blood quickly falling to the ground. You let a tear fall down your cheek. "Good bye Francis." As you said these words Francis skidded round the final corner to see you. He saw the blood fall to the ground, starting to make a circle.

"No!" He shouted as he quickly beat his wings to propel himself towards you, quickly tackling you to the ground. You thrashed beneath him, keeping your eyes shut. You didn't want to even see him again. Your heart was shattered last night, you could bear to stay knowing what you had done. Francis quickly pinned your arms down above your head as he used the rest of his body to hold you still. His blue eyes looking down on you.

"Why can't you let me go somewhere where I can do you no more harm?" You sobbed beneath him. Francis looked down to you, he wish he could of taken back what he had said. Looking to the slash on your arm, he moved and gently kissed the cut. He smiled as the cut healed up, leaving no sign it was ever there. You felt him heal your arm, slowly opening your eyes you looked up to him.

"If you leave now. I would go to the depth of hell to find you." Francis said.

"Why would you throw your life away for mine?" You asked looking up at him. "We can never be a couple as you know. We can never live together. Why waste your time?"

"Because I love you, and there is a way for us to be together. On one condition." He said softly, brushing one hand against your cheek.

"How can their be a way? Angels never marry demons! Angels never marry anyone!" You sobbed. But he hushed you, kissing you softly and helping you to your feet.

"Angels can only marry other angels." He said softly. You looked at him frustrated, he rested a finger on your lips. "Have you ever slept with another man? Be it human, demon or angel?" He asked you in a serious tone. You looked down ashamed and shook your head.

"I have never slept with anyone. I'm a useless excuse for a demon." You were about to beat yourself up, but Francis asked you another question.

"If we were together. You would have to leave behind your demonic ways. Never to return to them. Can you do that?" You looked up to him.

"I would do anything to leave it all behind." You answered truthfully. He smiled softly.

"If we were together. Would you promise to be my partner, never to stray. Even through the harshest of times?"

"Yes." You nodded. "I don't want to leave you." Francis smiled, embracing you in a warm, comforting hug.

"Do you forgive me for all those cruel words I said to you last night?" Francis asked. You nodded as you wrapped your arms around his shoulders.

"I forgive you for everything. Can you forgive me, for everything I've done wrong to you and Matthieu?" You felt tears coming to your eyes.

"I do." Francis hugged you tighter. The wind around you two seemed to pick up. It blew around you, catching up some of the leaves that lay on the ground. You felt the most wonderful feeling flowing through you. Your heart seemed to mend slowly and a feeling of contentment filled it. Your sharp teeth started to change to those of a normal person. Your wings feeling tight for a few moments as the torn black wings shrivelled up and died. They were quickly replaced with two beautiful snow white wings. You opened your eyes to look at Francis, he smiled back as your eyes were now (natural eye colour) and were no longer blood red. He smiled and captured your lips again in a passionate kiss. You loved him, you loved this. You never wanted this feeling to end. As the wind died down around you a small voice cut through the silence.

"I found you!" Matthieu giggled as he ran up to Francis and hugged around his legs.

"Yes you did." Francis chuckled looking down at the small boy. He quickly scooped him up and held him between the pair. Matthieu looked to you confused.

"I know you said you had to go?" He asked innocently. "Where are you going?" You giggled and looked to Francis, holding your arms out for Matthieu. He quickly climbed across and waited for your answer.

"Matthieu... I'm not going anywhere." You smiled. Matthieu let out a cry of happiness ans he hugged you again.

"What changed your mind?" Matthieu asked beaming up at you.

"Well..." You looked over to Francis. Matthieu followed your gaze, looking expectantly at Francis. Francis chuckled and got down on one knee, fishing out a box from his pocket. Your eyes widened as you slowly put Matthieu down.

"______, would you do me the honour of becoming my wedded wife?" He smiled up at you, producing a beautiful silver ring. You raised your hands to your mouth, before replying.

I think you guys can work out what you said. CLIFFHANGER!!!

I am happy to say there will be one final chapter of this story as it draws to it's close. Again this chapter is really depressing at the start. It almost made me cry rereading it T-T.

Hope you guys like!Fav and Comment!

Part 1 ~ [link]

Part 7 ~ [link] (LEMON)

For other ReaderX stories! Check them out here ~ [link]
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