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"I do." You smiled happily. Francis smiled back to you. The priest smiled and nodded.

"You may now kiss the bride." The priest announced as Francis wrapped his arms around your waist. You wrapped your arms around his shoulder and pulled him towards you, capturing his lips with yours. There were cheers and applauds from the congregation. Some of the families from the crèche and your friend (BF). They were the only one from your past there. She let a tear fall as she knew that after today, she would never be able to hang out with her again like the old days. But she would always turn up to check up on her. Matthieu ran up and hugged around your legs. You broke away from the kiss to look down to him smiling.

"Can we be a family now?" He asked looking up at you, tears in his eyes. Francis chuckled and went down to pick him up. He picked up Matthew and hissed his cheek. Matthew blushed a bright red colour as he hugged Francis. You smiled and brushed some of the hair from Matthieu's face.

"Oui." You smiled. "We can be a family now." You had even caught Francis off guard as he blushed. You chuckled at his reaction. You thought it was nice to learn a few bit's of French for Francis. He clearly appreciated it.

"I think we should go and get those forms filled out." Francis smiled. You nodded as Matthieu cheered. You had both agreed that when you were married, you would adopt Matthieu. As you walked out with your husband and your soon-to-be son. You felt your life had taken a new and exciting turn. You had both bought a house somehow. You had no clue where Francis got the money but he did. He promised to live with you on earth. To stay with you throughout the day and get a job. You in turn were going to continue running the crèche and care for Matthieu. It wasn't the life your parents and siblings wanted and no doubt... they will be after you trying to 'reclaim' you back. Taking you back to your old ways. But it was going to be a tough few weeks but, being with Francis and Matthieu made it all worth it. You went to the car and started to drive off to the children's home. Francis kissed your cheek as Matthieu giggled. He didn't mind, he was going to finally have a family again. After all this time, he was going to have a mother and father. His own room in his own house. You smiled back to him.

"So Francis..." You turned to him. "We finally get to move in together."

"Oui Mrs Bonnefoy." He chuckled kissing you again. You giggled at your new name, it was nice to have a different name. It separated you from your past. But there was still one matter left to deal with. Even though you had changed to an angel, you still carried habits of your old life. You were still in respects... in heat. And that was soon to be sorted out later that night.

You returned home, smiling with your husband as he lifted you up and carried you through the door. Matthieu was quick to follow and ran up to his new room. He ran up the stairs as fast as lightning and jumped on his bed. It was soft and warm and his. He smiled and yawned.

"Come on Matthieu." You smiled. "You need to have your wash and teeth before going to bed. No matter how eager you are to sleep."

"Okay... mum." He grinned ear to ear, his violet eyes so full of happiness.

"Come on." You smiled crossing your arms. "Or I'll get your father."

"Yes mum." He said again, getting up and going to the bathroom. You smiled and watched him. Pulling out a stool so he could reach the sink. He got up and picked up his toothbrush and toothpaste. He poured out the amount and started to brush his teeth. You jumped slightly as a pair of arms wrapped around your waist.

"He is finally going to have a normal life." Francis said softly. You chuckled.

"As normal as having an angel and a converted demon for parents?" You asked him. Francis laughed.

"Yes, as normal as that." He said kissing your cheek before going to help Matthieu finish his wash and teeth. You turned and went to your and Francis' bedroom. You were still dressed in your wedding dress as you entered the room. Looking at your reflection you smiled. The dress was perfect, just as you had dreamed of. Of course before it was only a dream. Demons never got married, no one could stand such long term commitment. You smiled as you went over to the bed, sitting down on it. Looking to the door you bit your lip. Deciding no one was coming you smiled. Bouncing on the edge of the bed checking how it felt. You were rather happy that it was rather bouncy and yet silent. You got up content and went to the door. You saw Francis carry a rather tired Matthieu to his bedroom. You smiled and went over to him. Matthieu opened his eyes sleepily.

"Night mum." He said letting out a yawn.

"Night son." You smiled back. Francis carried the boy to his bed and tucked him in, kissing his forehead as he fell asleep. You went in and kissed him after Francis. You both looked down at the sleeping child.

"He can finally sleep in peace." Francis said softly. "Knowing that he will have someone constant to stay by him."

"Yeah." You smiled. "Knowing someone had made a commitment to care for him." Francis chuckled nuzzling the back of your neck.

"Speaking about caring for someone." He whispered. "I believe I have something I need to help you with." You blushed. It was custom on the wedding night to..."

"We better get to bed then." You replied. Francis spent no time in scooping you up and carrying you through to your bedroom. Putting you down on the bed he captured your lips. You wrapped your arms around his shoulders as you kissed back in passion. You hands quickly moving to undo his shirt as he pressed you back into the bed. You managed to pull it off of his frame and threw it to one side. Running your hands down his bear chest as he gasped in pleasure. You quickly moved to nipping at his neck. His hands moved down your sides, wanting so badly to get to the skin beneath the dress. He quickly flipped you over on the bed so you were now on your stomach. You let out a whine of disapproval before you felt him undo the back of your dress with his teeth. Your breathing hitched as the cool air spilled onto you back as he slid the dress off of you, leaving you in your bra and pants. Once free of your dress you quickly turned the tables, pushing Francis down on the bed beneath you. You chuckled as he looked up in surprise. You kissed down his neck, making one quick bite to his neck. He let out a moan as you left your mark on his neck. Smiling you continued down his chest as he panted, unsure of what you were planning to do. Your hands quickly undoing his belt and trousers. He gasped as you pulled them off harshly. You didn't want to waste any more time. You had waited far longer than you would of liked for Francis in bed. But it was worth the wait. As you rubbed his hardening length, you enjoyed every little moan escape his lips. "I never knew angels could make such, dirty noises." You purred.

"I... I never knew you could...Oh." Francis couldn't manage a sentence. You chuckled darkly.

"I've never known you to run out of words." You smiled as you undid his trousers, taking his hard length in you hands. You moved down and gently licked up his length. Francis leant back and moaned as you continued to tease him. He moaned and gasped, completely submitted to you. Instead of taking him in your mouth, you decided it was your turn for some pleasure. Sliding off your pants you positioned yourself straddling Francis. He looked up at you, his blue eyes showing lust. He gave you a nod, giving you permission. You smiled, leaning to kiss him as you slowly pushed him inside you. Luckily angels were unable to conceive children, so no painful childbirth for you. You gasped as you felt his length stretch your virgin walls. Moaning loudly as he moved deeper inside you. You slowly moved to gent him to thrust inside you. Francis' hands gently wrapped around your waist, holding you steady as you rode him. Slowly picking up the pace you rode him faster, his member hitting that special spot making you moan in pleasure.

"Oh Francis." You panted. He gripped you hips, timing his thrusts perfectly for pleasure.

"Oh _____." He moaned. You didn't know how much longer you could last as the knot in your stomach released as you moaned in pleasure, throwing your head back. Francis let out a loud moan as he came inside of you. You whole body tensed in bliss and collapsed onto Francis. Francis was breathing heavily as he wrapped his arms around you kissing you softly.

"That was amazing." You panted lying next to him, pulling the cover up around you. He smiled.

"Next time." He smiled. "I get to be top."

The final part to the story! I hope everyone has enjoyed reading this story as much as I enjoyed writing it. It did take a very unexpected turn as I was writing but I'm glad to reach the end.

Thanks for all the support in writing this and I hope you continue to enjoy what ever I will write next!

As always Fav and Comment if you liked!

To read the whole story again (If you want) ~ Part 1 ~ [link]
For other stories check out my gallery!

Hope to see you guys soon on my next project!
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Naughty angels. Omg. /ovary explodes
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What happens when matthew is older?
LucyEvans11 Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
That is up for you to decide. How did you and Francis raise him?
larriss Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Good but i mean does he become a angel or a devil
LucyEvans11 Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Well he was born a human, so I guess he'll stay human or become an angel, but he won't become a demon in any way. I don't know really, it is up to you.
larriss Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
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